Moving is important!!!!!!!

The oriental belly dancing is a dance that operates a lot of muscles in the body, especially tightens the tummy and hip areas, increases blood flow in the body and oxygen intake of the cells and is generally beneficial for the whole body due to the high number and speed of the dance. However, the most important point is to use the body correctly to optimize the benefits; for this, I follow the lesson system of my movement instructor Ömer İnanç. Using the right posture techniques that I learned from stretching-conditioning lessons with my instructor, I insist on my students doing the dance figures while pressing on the chest, pulling in the tummy, squeezing the hips and elongating the neck from the shoulders up. This system helps students to make the right posture of standing a personal habit in their daily lives and thus helps them maintain a strong muscle structure. Over the long run, even after very complex and difficult dance figures, students do not experience back or lower back pains; with regular practice of the right posture exercise, regular back pains cease to harass the body.

With the movement patterns that I apply in class, I focus on working every muscle separately and working different parts of the body while teaching dance figures. In this way, I aim to prepare each student to have the necessary muscle structure to be able to perform every figure

Esthetics is important!!!!!

Belly dancing was created to honor the female body. For me, it is essential that the student gets to explore and know her body. During every lesson, we taste the sweet feeling of being a woman through the dance figures; in time, there will be a certain kind of grace that your bodies will embrace naturally due to especially the hand and arm gestures.

Psychology is important!!!!!

Having hobbies in life is inevitably beneficial to the human psyche. Oriental music and belly dancing are a sort of meditation; during class time you concentrate solely on your body, turn inwards and move away from everything that causes discomfort and stress. One of my biggest goals as a belly dance instructor is to co-create an atmosphere of positivism and joyful fun with my students.