• Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advance
  • For Professionals
  • Private Classes
In Beginners’ Level Classes, I basically concentrate on maintaining the right posture and using the body muscles correctly. The oriental belly dancing uses especially the waist area during the hip movements and really gives the whole body a workout; thus the student first should learn how to protect her/his body and make a habit of maintaining the correct body posture in daily life too.

During classes, I begin by teaching the figures based on the step, hip and arms separately. My aim is to first form the pieces of the puzzle. I perform pre-exercises to get the body ready for each figure because the pre-exercises are necessary and important for the learner to perceive each figure as it should be correctly done.

In addition, I use special rhythm exercises to develop the perception of rhythm; from time to time I aim to provide the body-rhythm harmony by employing body percussion exercises.

When learners get to the point where they can perform the basic figures without hesitation and can move in sync with the rhythm, I go on teaching them to combine the step, hip and arm figures and different combination styles to develop their ability for movement combination.
For learners who have acquired the skill to use their bodies correctly during Beginners’ Level Classes and can combine basic figures together to move in accordance to a rhythm, I teach more difficult figures as part of choreography at the intermediate level.

At this level I add exercises directed at the aim of increasing arm-leg-hip-shoulder coordination and slowly the pieces of the puzzle come together to form the whole picture. While I work to strengthen the figures technically, I concentrate on esthetic details and strain to make the movement combinations flowing.

At the Intermediate Level, the learner is now more into the belly dancing and is in more control of her body and movements.
At the Advanced Level, the learner is well-adapted to the rhythm and the figures. Now he/she is ready to learn more complex figures and to dance more complicated and difficult combinations of non-repeat figures in more dynamic choreographies.

At this level, I also begin to include the usage of accessories such as bells, plaids and stick.
The aim of the Professional Level is to develop techniques of professional belly dancers or groups and to design person-specific choreographies for the stage.

My first aim in person-specific classes is to make up the weaker points of the learner and then to design personal choreographies based on a subject or story while choosing the music and figures that reflect the dancer the best and also taking into consideration the physical features of the stage for the final performance.

In group lessons, I follow a method based on team work and design a choreography that fits the whole group.
Private lessons are designed according to the needs and wishes of the learner.

With students that aim to learn how to belly dance, I design lessons with a stronger technical content that includes posture exercises and movements to enhance body health. I follow a teaching method suitable to the learner’s level and provide that the figures are performed as they should be and that the dance is composed of a flowing coordination of movements.

With students that aim both how to learn the belly dance and to shape their bodies, I follow a more intense program. I design lessons that include more exercise in addition to learning dance figures.