Years of experience as a dance instructor, having worked with both children and adults, working as an intern with my preschool teacher mom during my growing up years and of course graduating from the Faculty of Education at Istanbul University, helped me immensely to develop my own teaching methodology.

Relying on my previous experience, I have formed Trainers’ Workshops at certain levels that aim to help dancers train to be belly dancing instructors or for instructors to improve and build on their teaching styles. Presented at Beginners’, Intermediate and Advanced Levels; these programs include the following:

• Warm-up exercises for belly dancing
• Selection of suitable figures for each level, the order of teaching these figures  
and forming combinations
• Curriculum preparation
• Selection of music
• How to begin and end a lesson and all the points that should be paid attention to during the lesson
• How to make the lesson more interesting and fun for all participants

At the end of each workshop, participants each own a choreography that they can teach their own students.